Thursday, July 8, 2010

Watchers at the Pond. Franklin Russell (1).

 New York: Time Incorporated. 1961.

Why read it? Nature. A study of what happens within the setting of a pond as the seasons evolve. Ponds are teeming with life, much of it hidden from most people unless observed by a naturalist. The reader will discover the unseen world of the pond in winter, spring, summer, fall and back to winter again.

“These creatures had neither the time nor the instinct to know all the incredible pond.” P. 11. ………. “About five hundred million earthworms were asleep around the pond.” P. 15. ………. “Dense masses of ants: their metabolism was so low that their hearts were motionless, and they lived in a secret suspension puzzlingly remote form the hot activity of their waking lives.” P. 16. ………. “When the flies began emerging from their sleep, the pond would sound to the roar, rasp, whine, screech, drone and rumble of their wings.” P. 21. ………. “Nowhere did the snow disclose its real structure, which was founded on one constant mathematical fact: every particle of it was formed on some variation of six…and whatever the complexity of a flake, each was a perfectly symmetrical unit.” P. 39. ………. “In a hollow tree filled with rotten wood, thirty-eight thousand drowsy fertilized mosquitoes began stirring.” P. 55. ………. “The diversity of life in this miniature universe seemed infinite.” P. 61.

To be continued

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