Monday, January 25, 2010

The Once and Future King (3)

T.H. White. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons. 1939.

Why read it? The education of King Arthur for leadership by Merlyn. Part of his training was in learning to live with the animals and gain their perspective. Finally, he founded the Round Table. Merlyn is a most amazing character. A delightful and imaginative tale of what was to become known as Camelot. And a great deal of wisdom.


Wart: “Why do people not think, when they are grown up, as I do when I am young?” p. 172.

Merlyn: “The best thing for being sad…is to learn something.” p. 173.

God to man (Adam) after the Creation: “As for you, Man, you will be a naked tool all your life…able to see some of Our sorrows and to feel some of Our joys; we are partly sorry for you, Man, but partly hopeful.” p. 183.

“And, O, I should have liked to do great deeds, and be brave, and conquer my own fears.” p. 184.

Agravaine: “ ‘Four things,’ he whispered, ‘that a Lothian cannot trust—a cow’s horn, a horse’s hoof, a dog’s snarl, and an Englishman’s laugh.” p. 206.

To be continued.

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