Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Naked and the Dead (1).

Norman Mailer. New York: The New American Library: A Signet Book. 1948.

Why read it? The thoughts of the enlisted man before and during the fighting. The antagonism of the enlisted man for the officer. The thoughts of the General who had complete power over the men under his control. The General, who finally suspected that he had had nothing to do with the victory.


“All over the ship, all through the convoy, there was a knowledge that in a few hours some of them were going to be dead.” p. 7.

“After a time Red had that feeling of sad compassion in which one seems to understand everything, all that men want and fail to get.” p. 15.

“Why, when I think of my wife fooling around probably right this minute, while I’m lying here sweating out tomorrow…. p. 17.

“Red’s shoulders were beginning to numb under the weight of his full pack, and his rifle muzzle kept clanging against his helmet….” p. 22.

“A shell sighed overhead, and unconsciously Martinez drew back…, He felt naked.” p. 23.

“The puff their bombs threw up looked small and harmless and the planes would be almost out of sight when the noise of the explosions came back over the water.” p. 25.

“…his mind empty, waiting for what events would bring.” p. 27.

“…lone machine gun rapping in the distance.” p. 27.

“Perhaps he felt the explosion before a piece of shrapnel tore his brain in half.” p. 34.

Roth: “Did you notice how they treated the officers…slept in staterooms when we were jammed in the hold like pigs…to make them feel superior, a chosen group….” p. 43.

To be continued.

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